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DigiQuilt is a manipulative-based design environment for kids to explore math and art as they design patchwork quilt blocks. It has been used by 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders in schools and at home, and children as young as 4 have also played with the software.
Uploaded Image: screenshot-small.jpg

In DigiQuilt, users manipulate "pieces" by placing them either into the "patch work zone" (see next image) or the "block work area". We call the individual shapes "pieces", and these can be combined to make patches and quilt blocks.
Uploaded Image: PatchWorkZone.gif

Children make a wide variety of designs to solve challenges (either given by the teacher or created by the child). Here are some examples of patchwork quilt blocks designed by 4th and 5th grade students.

Uploaded Image: AF-ColorGrid.jpgUploaded Image: al-theSquareWatch.jpgUploaded Image: aw-pinkDiaganle.jpgUploaded Image: Ler-nicetomeetu.jpgUploaded Image: bw-sheild.jpgUploaded Image: ds-aimFIRE.jpgUploaded Image: tl-myBoat.jpgUploaded Image: BP-BenyBoy.jpgUploaded Image: BW-tisWay.jpgUploaded Image: ER-dizzy3.jpgUploaded Image: BP-Link8.jpgUploaded Image: ds-superThing.jpgUploaded Image: JB-meandgooogie.jpgUploaded Image: ib-calming.jpgUploaded Image: gw-hopscocth.jpgUploaded Image: TB-T.jpgUploaded Image: kn-76.jpgUploaded Image: MB-design10.jpgUploaded Image: mp-FATALBORT.jpgUploaded Image: ler-purplePassion.jpg

DigiQuilt users can save their designs and others can see them, and even open them in the design area. Once the design is in what we call the "block work area" (since it is where one can combine pieces and patches to create quilt blocks), it is possible to navigate forwards and backwards through the design process using the "undo" and "redo" buttons.

Uploaded Image: BlockBrowser.gif

You can Download DigiQuilt for your own use.

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