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NAA- National Afterschool Association Workshop Materials

If you are interested in using the full Kitchen Science Investigators (KSI) Curriculum in your afterschool program,
We would like to help you successfully implement the program.

Please contact us:

Christina M. Gardner Email: Christina.Gardner at
Tamara Clegg Email: tlclegg at
Dr. Janet L. Kolodner jlk at

Workshop Materials
Presentation Slides
These slides have all the science explanations for the activities conducted in the workshop and overall implementation details and strategies.
Presentation slides (full scale) -
Presentation slide handouts (6 slides per page) - NAA_KSI_4_4_09_slide_handout.pdf

KSI Overview & Implementation Logistics Handouts
Overview - KSI_Overview.pdf
Implementation Logistics - KSI_Overall_Logistics.pdf

Try out the workshop activities in your afterschool program and let us know how they work for you.
Pizza Investigation
Cooking Activity: KSI_Pizza_Recipe.pdf
Science Activity: KSI_Yeast_Air_balloon_experiment.pdf
Facilitator's Notes for the Science Activity: KSI_Yeast_AirBalloons_Facilitator.pdf

Fudgy and Cakie Brownie Investigation
Cooking Activity: BrownieRecipes.pdf
Science Activity: KSI_Oil_eggs_Water_Experiment.pdf

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