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Full text pdfs are provided as available for private use only.

Journals & Scientific Magazines
  • Yarosh, S., Chew, Y.C., and Abowd, G.D. Supporting Parent–Child Communication in Divorced Families. International Journal of Human Computer Studies 67, 2 (2009), 192-203. [pdf]
  • Yarosh, S. and Guzdial, M. Narrating data structures: The role of context in CS2. Journal on Educational Resources in Computing 7, 4 (2008), 1-20. [pdf]
  • Manches, A., Horton, M., Yarosh, S. Children’s Role in Mobile Interaction Design: Review and Reflection. International Journal of Mobile Human Computer Interaction 2, 2 (2010), 72-78.
Book Chapters
  • Yarosh, S. and Abowd, G.D. Enriching Virtual Visitation in Divorced Families. In C. Neustaedter, S. Harrison, and A. Sellen, ed., Connecting Families: The Impact of New Communication Technologies on Domestic Life. Springer Publishers, 2012. To Appear.
  • Yarosh, S., Davis, H., Modlitba, P., Skov, M., and Vetere, F. Mobile Technologies for Parent/Child Relationships. In A. Druin, ed., Mobile Technology for Children: Designing for Interaction and Learning. Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, 2009, 289-310. [pdf]
Conference Full Papers
  • Yarosh, S., Matthews, T., and Zhou, M. Asking the Right Person: Supporting Expertise Selection in the Enterprise. Proc. of CHI, ACM (2012), To Appear. [pdf]
  • Yarosh, S., Radu, I., Hunter, S., and Rosenbaum, E. Examining Values: An Analysis of Nine Years of IDC Research. Proc. of IDC, ACM (2011), 136-144. [pdf]
  • Yarosh, S. and Abowd, G. Mediated Parent-Child Contact in Work-Separated Families. Proc. of CHI, ACM (2011), 1185-1194. [pdf]
  • Yarosh, S., Inkpen, K.M., and Brush, A.J. Video Playdate: Toward Free Play across Distance. Proc. of CHI, ACM (2010). 1251-1260. [pdf]
  • Yarosh, S., Cuzzort, S., Mueller, H., and Abowd, G.D. Developing a Media Space for Remote Synchronous Parent-Child Interaction. Proc. of IDC, ACM (2009). 97-105. [pdf]
  • Yarosh, S., Matthews, T.L., Moran, T.P., and Smith, B. What is an Activity? Appropriating an Activity-Centric System. Proc. of INTERACT, (2009), 582-595. [pdf]
  • Nathan, M., Harrison, C., Yarosh, S., Terveen, L., Stead, L., and Amento, B. CollaboraTV: Making Television Viewing Social Again. Proc. of UXTV, ACM (2008). 85-94. [pdf]
  • Yarosh, S. and Guzdial, M. Narrating data structures: the role of context in CS2. Proc. of ICER, ACM (2007), 87-98. [pdf]
Conference Short Papers
  • Yarosh, S. and Kwikkers, M. Supporting Pretend and Narrative Play over Videochat. Proc. of IDC, (2011), 217-220. [pdf]
  • Yarosh, S. and Markopoulos, P. Design of an Instrument for the Evaluation of Communication Technologies with Children. Proc. of IDC, ACM (2010), 266-269. [pdf]
Refereed Non-Archival Publications
  • Yarosh, S. Thinking Critically About Family Communication Technologies. Technology for Families Workshop. Ext. Abst. of CHI, (2011), To Appear. [pdf]
  • Medynskiy, Y., Yarosh, S., and Mynatt, E. Five Strategies for Supporting Healthy Behavior Change. Ext. Abst. of CHI, (2011), 1333-1338. [pdf]
  • Tsujita, H., Yarosh, S., and Abowd, G.D. CU-Later: A Communication System Considering Time Difference. Proc. of UbiComp, (2010), 435-436. [pdf]
  • Visser, T., Dadlani, P., van Bel, D., and Yarosh, S. Designing and Evaluating Affective Aspects of Sociable Media to Support Social Connectedness. Ext. Abst. of CHI, (2010), 4437-4440. [pdf]
  • Yarosh, S., & Markopoulos, P. Show Me Stations: Connecting Preschools and Communities. Como for Children Design Competition at IDC 2009, (2009). [pdf]
  • Yarosh, S., & Abowd, G. D. Embodied Interaction for Mediated Communication between Children and Parents. Children and Embodied Interaction Workshop. Ext. Abst. of IDC. ACM (2009) [pdf]
  • Yarosh, S., & Abowd, G. D. Segmented Institutionalism as a Perspective for Understanding Family Technologies. Designing for Families Workshop. Ext. Abst. Of CSCW. ACM (2008) [pdf]
  • Yarosh, S. Supporting parent-child interaction in divorced families. Doctoral Consortium. Proc. of Interaction Design and Children 2008, ACM (2008), 33-36. [pdf]
  • Yarosh, S. Supporting long-distance parent-child interaction in divorced families. Ext. Abst. of CHI, ACM (2008), 3795-3800. [pdf]
  • Yarosh, S., Huang, K., Mosher, I., and Topping, M. Playware: augmenting natural play to teach sign language. Ext. Abst. of CHI, ACM (2008), 3249-3254. [pdf]

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