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Spring 2006 Reading Group Schedule

Note: The names in besides the papers are just reminders of who is responsible for finding the papers

18 KSI Presentation
25 Brigitte "Gitti" Jordan Paper (Christina)(Janet Out of Town)

1 Swaroop Presentation
8 Community-Based Learning Paper (Sabina) (Liz In Town)
15 No Reading
22 Greeno Paper (Swaroop) (Janet Out of Town)

1 Michelene Chi - Quantifying Qualitative Analyses of Verbal Data: A Practical Guide (Janet Out of Town)
8 What is Design-Based Research? (Christina & Yelena) (Janet Out of Town)
15 Using and Critiquing Design-Based Research (Christina & Yelena)
22 Spring Break
29 Nasir (Tammy)

5 Carl Bereiter Ch. 1 (Christina)
12 Different Kind of People + Zohar from JLS (Tammy) (Janet Out of Town)
19 Conceptual Change/Science Learning (see Nancy - Swaroop)(Janet Out of Town)
26 Carl Bereiter Ch. 8, 12(Christina)

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