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Some References

Some articles

Recent AJC article "Wireless at Worship"

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Virtual Vodou: The Technologies of Faith in the Domains of Cyberspirituality
A Boutros

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Interactive Communications in the Church by Frances Ford Plude

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Places and Spaces, S. Shapiro (I think)

Church serving the ecumenical community through the use of information and communication technology P Doctor

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GA Gilstrap - 1999 - Erskine Theological Seminary

The Pedagogy of the Online Wisdom Community: Forming Church Ministers in a Digital Age T Theology, I Religion -

Scope and Purposes of Church Web Sites A Sturgill - JOURNAL OF MEDIA AND RELIGION

Some Books

1. Christian Worship and Technological Change, Susan White, Abingdon Press
2. The Soul of Cyberspace: How New Technology Is Changing Our Spiritual Lives by Jeffrey P. Zaleski - Book
3. Give Me That Online Religion by Brenda E. Brasher
4. CyberGrace : The Search for God in the Digital World by JENNIFER COBB
5. Religion Online: Finding Faith on the Internet by Lorne L. Dawson
6. The Soul in Cyberspace by Douglas Groothuis
7. Practicing Religion in the Age of the Media by Stewart M. Hoover, Lynn Schofield Clark
8. Rethinking Media, Religion, and Culture (Communication and Human Values) by Stewart M. Hoover (Editor), Knut Lundby (Editor)
9. Virtual Faith by Tom Beaudoin
10. The Talmud and the Internet by Jonathan Rosen

Some Church Management/Communication Software:

Worship Software

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