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HCI and Spirituality


5/20 - Initial Meeting

HCI and Spirituality: An Exploratory Study on Computers and Southern Baptist Mega Churches

Gillian Hayes
Susan Wyche

Initial Questions?/Thoughts
Does technology facilitate recruitment into evangelical churches?
E-mail and prayer lists
Why do people still go to the physical church building?
Who attends church virtually and why?
What are the advantages and disadvantaged of using e-mail for prayer?
Are there opportunities for technological interventions in churches? Which ones exist?

Things to start doing:
Visually plot out churches in the Atlanta area
Contacts with Emory Theology, find people for expert interviews
Examine Willow Creek Community Church

May 23, 2005
Yesterday I was driving back from Chapel Hill, NC and decided to stop at the Bible FactORy Outlet off of I-85. I was hoping to find something related to HCI and Spirituality and found this software.
Who uses this?
What do they use it for?
Who develops it?
What kind of usability testing is conduted?
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May 26, 2005
I have been trying to compile a list of churhces.... well, it turns out that by conservative estimate there may be 10K churches in the Atlanta area! So, we should definitely find a way to narrow. I attached the spreadsheet that I started with all the info I have so far. There are four tabs, the intown churches tab is probably one of the more helpful at the moment. Also, how interesting is this website?????? I never knew what a HUGE market this is. Oh and if you want to log in to their site and play around, my login is with password church.
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