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:25 June 2016

I started reading Harry Potter in Methods of Rationality (HPMOR) after a friend recommended it to me. It absolutely amazing! From what I gather, HPMOR is a fan fiction by Yudkowsky, who is a brilliant mind (depending on who you ask) and a research fellow at MIRI. It poses an alternative world in which Harry is a genius not only in magic, but also a prodigy who is fiercely loyal to logic, science, progress, and enlightenment. How so? His step parents are not silly, mean-spirited villains, but the best muggles Dumbledore could find - an oxford scientist. Here is an excerpt when Harry quickly figures out how stupid the rules of Quidditch are and refuses to play: "Thatís just wrong. That violates every possible rule of game design. Look, the rest of this game sounds like it might make sense, sort of, for a sport I mean, but youíre basically saying that catching the Snitch overwhelms almost any ordinary point spread. Ö Itís like someone took a real game and grafted on this pointless extra position so that you could be the Most Important Player without needing to really get involved or learn the rest of it. Who was the first Seeker, the Kingís idiot son who wanted to play Quidditch but couldnít understand the rules?Ē ... Ronís face pulled into a scowl. ďIf you donít like Quidditch, you donít have to make fun of it!Ē ... ďIf you canít criticise, you canít optimise. Iím suggesting how to improve the game. And itís very simple. Get rid of the Snitch."

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