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Job search

Assistant Product Manager - Sent resume to Shannon Bauman , a Georgia Tech MS grad, on May 1

Companies using Haskell

Galois Connections Inc - John Launchbury, Beaverton Oregon
Aetion Technologies LLC - Columbus Ohio

Leo suggests looking for something between research and development, and to talk to Ling.

Contact Lex Spoon at Scala.

Apply for intern position at Microsoft research in Peyton-Jones Haskell group.

Olin suggested Galois, Lex, Google.

Microsoft research's Singularity, a language-based protected OS.

LogicBlox, Yannis knows them

Found on Indeed web job search:
Kenda Systems, Redwood City CA - lead developer

Haskell research groups

The Parallel and Distributed Functional Languages Research Group at Heriot-Watt University - Phil Trinder, Robert Pointon - GpH, GdH, mHaskell

Functional Programming at University of Kent - Kieth Hanna - visual interactive programming

Programming Languages & Systems at University of New South Wales, Sydney Australia

Functional Programming at Brooklyn College, City University of New York - Murray Gross, Metis