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More Comprehensive Field Methods, Margaret Mead
BibTex: meadfieldmethods

Paper castigates what (I think) the author considers to be shoddy field methods and inappropriate conclusions. She distinguishes between explicit and implicit rituals/civilizations/etc. Although the line is somewhat blurry, she makes implicit the things which could not be determined without significant study and time investment. Explicit are things for which an obvious and stated reason exists. Like festivals which occur on a calendrical basis (explicit) vs occasions which bring about celebrations (implicit).

Two Weeks in Department Stores, Annie Marion MacLean
Bibtex: macleandepartment

Fun paper, written in 1899 which details the authors venture into Chicago downtown department stores as a salesclerk during the holiday rush. She works in two different stores for a week each. She details her budget and her expenditures as she lives in a boarding house for working women. She also talks about the mental, physical, and emotional stress the job brings with it from the management and customers. It was written for the Consumer's League which seems to be a chairity developed by philanthropical (rich?) women to reform working conditions for women and children. It seems this paper helped lay out some of the League's guidelines and code-of-conduct for stores and their work practices.

Work, Ethnography and System Design, Bob Anderson
BibTex: andersonwork

Sociologists can be Surprisingly Useful in Interactive Systems Design, Sommerville, Rodden, Sawyer and Bentley
BibTex: sommervillesurprising

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