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Deaf in America: Voice from a Culture bibtex: paddendeaf

"...public schools often find it more economical to adapt existing resources rather than to hire people who have traditionally staffed residential schools. And public schools are not likely to understand the need for a community of Deaf people; public schools with mainstreamed deaf children are often only minimally connected to the surrounding community of Deaf people. The result of these changes is that there are many young deaf children who, althought they may be grouped in classrooms with a few other deaf students, have never met a Deaf persona and have never seen ASL." (p116)

Swedish govt. requires parents of deaf children to take classes in Swedish Sign Language and govt. sponsors daycares where young children can have Deaf caretakers. (Wikstrom 1987, Report on Sweden and Sign Language Research).

Deaf clubs: center of social activity. Centered around performance (1940s) p73.

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