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Congratulations! You found me. As the title says, I am Steve Webb. I would like to say that I'm the one and only Steve Webb, but a quick glance at Google will tell you otherwise. Speaking of Google, I think I am currently on the second page of "Steve Webb" results. I'll tell you right now... this Steve Webb deserves to be at the top of that list :-) So... call your friends; write your Congress-person; do whatever it takes to get me to the top of Google :-D

Anyways, now that the Google rant is out of the way, I'd like to direct your attention to the menu on the left of the screen. The links are pretty self-explanatory so I'll let you decide what you think is important. I have a poll question below that serves no real purpose, but I've had it here so long that I can't bring myself to remove it. Which reminds me... I'm terrible about keeping this place up-to-date so if you find something terribly old, please let me know. Here's my main email address:

webb [AT] cc [DOT] gatech [DOT] edu

I'd ask you not to spam me, but if you want, go ahead. I get plenty of spam already so yours won't make a difference. Additionally, my research deals primarily with spam prevention so I'm always up for seeing some hot prototypes ;-) And on that note... I'll end this little introduction.

Update [10/17/05]: I hate to beat a dead horse, but this Google shafting (that's right, I just made that phrase up) is ridiculous. At this very moment, if I search for "Steve Webb", this hot page you're currently viewing ranks as follows:

Google: #13
Yahoo!: #18
MSN: #3

What's the moral of this story? Google and Yahoo! are Steve Webb-ists. That's right; I said it. And to make matters worse, they've pledged their loyalty to some random politician in the UK. What ever happened to supporting the home team? Anyways, I'm totally an MSN fan now. I probably won't use their search engine or anything crazy like that, but still: if you have love for Steve Webb, you receive love from Steve Webb :-) Before I end this second rant, I want to say two things. One: Is it possible for Steve Webb to promote himself in the third person any more blatantly? Steve Webb says, "No :-P" Two: Steve Webb will be happy to take back the negative things (e.g., the Steve Webb-ist comment) he said about Google and Yahoo! in exchange for a little front page action (i.e., a top 10 ranking). I don't want to resort to creating a Steve Webb link farm, but I will if I have to. On that note, Steve Webb has nothing to say... until next month (when I revisit this issue).

Update [11/30/05]: As promised, it's been a little over a month so it's time to revisit the Steve Webb Search Engine Debacle (SWSED). That's a catchy name, eh? We'll begin with the latest rankings:

Google: #15
Yahoo!: #8
MSN: #3

Hmmm... I don't want to jinx anything, but it seems like Yahoo! is coming around. At the same time, it seems like Google took offense to my harsh words (the whole Steve Webb-ist thing). Google, I'm sorry. You're still my favorite, despite the Google shafting that is obviously taking place. Anyways, this whole whining about Steve Webb rankings thing is getting boring. I promise I won't bring it up again... unless I magically hit #1 somewhere. If that happens, I'm pretty sure I'll start polluting this place with more Steve Webb nonsense. Or maybe I'll actually put real content up at some point. Who knows? Not Steve Webb ;-)

Update [2/11/06]: So... it's a new year. We all have new dreams and aspirations, and we all have a clean slate. Unfortunately, one thing remains the same. The SWSED rages on... and it's worse than ever:

Google: #12
Yahoo!: #12
MSN: Unranked

Yep. You read that correctly. MSN decided to take this fight to the streets. I sent them an email about this last week (seriously), but have I received a response? No. Will MSN ever explain why they've taken Steve Webb bashing to a whole new level? Probably not. Will Steve Webb ever stop referring to himself in the third person? Hell no. On a positive note, I couldn't access Yahoo! for a long time today. That's what happens when you mess with Karma. And on that note... I'm finally done ranting about this. Seriously. Steve Webb has nothing else left to say about it ;-)

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