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Harrold Selected for NSF Professorship to Advance Female Faculty

Dr. Mary Jean Harrold is one of four women at Georgia Tech to receive an ADVANCE Institutional Transformation Program Professorship from the National Science Foundation for the advancement of women faculty. The ADVANCE grant, designed to promote collaboration among four colleges at Tech, has been provided to the following tenured senior female faculty: Mary Jean Harrold (CoC), Jane Ammons (CoE), Mei-Yin Chou (CoS) and Mary Frank Fox (IAC). Activities of selected recipients will include 1) developing a network of women faculty committed to institutional transformation; 2) advising the deans of respective colleges and the Provost on issues vital for the success of women faculty; and 3) facilitating and organizing annual retreats with deans and school chairs. Each professorship recipient will serve a term of five years and will receive funds in the amount of $60,000 per year plus overhead to assist with these and other related activities and to promote their own research efforts. Recognizing the additional roles to which selected faculty are committing, the professorships will be supported by an ADVANCE network project coordinator.

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