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Recruiting Game

Women in CoC, We want your advice!

A CoC senior design design team is creating a game to broaden the perspective of computing among female high school students! This is part of the overall effort to recruit more females into College of Computing.

Provide some feedback on SimGT

Here is a series of slides to illustrate the basic ideas behind SimGT.


The design team is interested in:
  • Creating players, selecting from pre-made and/or compose your own from components
  • What attributes should the "character" have to map into CS?
  • What overall storyline will move the character from dorm, to CoC, to Student Center, etc? What is the engaging/motivating element in the game of getting a CS degree at GT?
  • "Furblets" are everywhere on campus, to help you. Are these cute furry helpers providing appropriate dialog?
  • What do you think of taking care of the fish in the tank in your dorm room? Thriving fish earn you more good stuff!

Women's Comments on Games

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