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RoadShow Plans

Get Paid to Help Women@CC with K-12 Outreach RoadShows

You are invited to a planning and information session for our Outreach to Secondary Schools. We already have invitations to speak at two high schools and a middle school. We are just looking for Women@CC who want to share their enthusiasm for computing with high school and middle school students.

Women@CC Outreach RoadShow Preparation Sessions

  • Here is a draft slide presentation to polish week of March 1. Check it out!

prior draft >>> roadshow1.ppt

  • Prepare to tell the students something about yourself personally: getting a degree in… where you went to high school .. love to travel… love music… why you chose a degree in CS. Keep it brief!

We are seeking CS students who can fit a “road trip” to a local school into their schedule a couple times during the Spring semester. We will compensate ($$) presenters for their time to present “RoadShows”. We will also provide a workshop to prepare you to go into the schools and communicate effectively.

Each RoadShow will be presented by a team of two or more students and will include:
· PowerPoint Presentation of Diversity in Computing
· Simple, self-contained and/or on-line Demos
· Student Panel
· Hand-out of URLs to CoC interesting project pages, on-line interactive pages, and admission info

On the panel, you may talk about your thoughts on computing when you were in high school, why and how you began studying CS, what does computing mean to you now, and what are your future expectations.

Prior meeting outcomes:
Roadshow Plans Feb 1

Add your comments below or email kris@cc with questions and comments.

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