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Women's Comments on Games

What games do high school women play, boardgames, cards, puzzles, video, PC, arcade?

Help us by sharing the games you played when you were in high school. Then check the results on the graph below. Please leave comments below or email to kris@cc

Games:What games did you like to play in high school? Feel free to vote for as many games as you played, but please only vote once per specific game.
Monopoly, Mastermind, Risk, Trouble, Stratego
Puzzles and Card Games
Jigsaw puzzles, Rubik's Cube, Hearts, Rummy, Bridge
Personal Computer games
Civilization, Lemmings
Personal Player Devices
GameBoy, Electronic Yahtzee
Nintendo, XBox, GameCube
MarioKarts, Final Fantasy, Donkey Kong, Sonic

  # Percentage
 video 588 ------- 65.5 %
 board 129 -- 14.3 %
 puzzle 76 - 8.4 %
 computer 60 - 6.6 %
 handheld 44 - 4.9 %
 Total 897  

Your Comments

You are also invited to a concept meeting on Tuesday, Jan 20 11 to noon in CoC 155!
Please tell us about game experiences which may help us reach a wider audience of high school females. What specific games did you really like and why?

I always played card games and Monopoly. We were competitive and made teams to cooperate and beat another pair. (Kris)

I like a lot of video games in general. I was and still am a huge fan of RPGs (on Playstation and Nintendo), specifically the Final Fantasy series, Legend of Zelda, Chrono Trigger, etc. The story lines, the character depth, the graphic design, and the music were all very memorable, and I loved being part of the story, rather than just sitting idle like you do while watching a movie. Puzzle games like Tetris are also good. The classics like Super Mario, Donkey Kong Country, Super Mario Kart, etc are all great. My high school friends (also female) and I loved to play these games together. Not really to be competitive, but we liked trying to beat them together. Nowadays I tend to play more computer games that I can play with my boyfriend, roommate, cousins, and others, including Starcraft, Warcraft, Diablo, Neverwinter Nights, Worms, The Sims, etc. I still love console RPGs, but I don't have the time to play them like I used to. I could go on and on about video games, so if you want to talk to me further, send me an email (julie@cc). ~Julie

I think a big factor that girls consider when playing certain games is "for the sense of accomplishment i get from playing this game, is it worth my time?" i was totally addicted to Zelda64 but had to ditch it b/c it was doing strange things to me & my lifestyle (well ok maybe not to THAT extent). a lot of my friends and i enjoyed playing the character adventure games on various consoles - games where you collect items and beat "bosses" (chip & dale rescue rangers, lion king, aladdin, adventure island, mario games). i was never into many sports games except for NBA jam because it seemed like the game was doing everything for you, such as catching a pass, dribbling the ball, and running down the court. I think a lot of girls like games that involve mental concentration & coordination. -Anne

i always liked the games you could do with other people, didnt matter the genre so much, but most social games are boardgames or card games. i prefered the interaction with other people over the game and would refuse to play if too much emphisis was put on winning. i would rather not play than risk losing. only video games i ever touched were puzzle type games and simple mario types. I never had the skill to get anywhere and would quickly get frustrated by any task that required me to click the buttons a certain way, like jumping over cliffs. i would find myself spending time "collecting things" and solving puzzles. (katrina skittles@cc)

I enjoyed Jill of the Jungle, Chrono Trigger, and Lemmings. I never really cared about realistic graphics. One of my favorite time wasters is 'Pipe Dream' by Adam Dopplet, available on several kiddie websites, it is essentially a remake of the old dos game 'Oil Cap'. In general, I think games with simple rules allow for more creative solutions and make a game easier to learn, perhaps other women feel the same way.

I want to also note that some games that have been well-received by females these days (since I have a lot of guy gamer friends who try and get their girlfriends into games) are mostly puzzle games like Tetris and Dr. Mario, The Sims, RPGs like Final Fantasy and Zelda, and definitely Dance Dance Revolution. Some female gaming websites: and ~Julie

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