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Women "at" cc Logo

Vote:What logo should Women@CC adopt (see choices below)? Please vote only on concept, not on artistic talent... we will have a professional draw the actual logo! Feel free to vote for as many logos as you approve of, but please only vote once per logo.
Keyboard logo (by Julie)
Missing File (/women/uploads/logo1.jpg)
Digit Logo (by Julie)
Missing File (/women/uploads/logo2.jpg)
Command Prompt Logo (by Julie)
Missing File (/women/uploads/logo3.jpg)
Stars, with each point representing Women@CC programs (by Kris)
Missing File (/women/uploads/logo4.jpg)
Mouse underline (by Heather R.)
Missing File (/women/uploads/logo5.jpg)
Mouse at-sign (by Heather R.)
Missing File (/women/uploads/logo6.jpg)
  # Percentage
 keyboard 82 ------- 27.4 %
 mouse-under 58 ----- 19.3 %
 digit 43 ---- 14.3 %
 mouse-at 43 ---- 14.3 %
 prompt 38 ---- 12.7 %
 stars 35 --- 11.7 %
 Total 299  

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