Tea/Lunch/Happy Hour Vote

Which types of monthly events would you like to see Women@CC do this year?

Lunches: usually lunch with a faculty member. pretty informal... the faculty talk about their lives and everyone socializes. sometimes brownbag or sometimes we'll provide lunch depending on funds. Held around noon.

Teas: informal gathering with cookies and punch sort of snacks where we just get together and socialize. Usually in the afternoon sometime.

Happy Hours: informal drinks and appetizers at the GaTech hotel (though we can move this to anywhere else). usually held in the evening on a Friday.

If there is anything you are against having or if you have any comments, please add them below.

  # Percentage
 all 1558 ------- 59.9 %
 lunch 778 ---- 29.9 %
 LINKS 105 - 4.0 %
 tea 53 - 2.0 %
 happyhour 47 - 1.8 %
 oneeachmonth 46 - 1.7 %
 PoGEeUk8 1  0.0 %
 kjiMUI53 1  0.0 %
 j6dx42Et 1  0.0 %
 OrRYDzh2 1  0.0 %
 VjoOGvmh 1  0.0 %
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 nxw6wehS 1  0.0 %
 65ACb3CA 1  0.0 %
 DnrHPd4B 1  0.0 %
 i9Eb3nsg 1  0.0 %
 mhDLDr1S 1  0.0 %
 rVIMTRQV 1  0.0 %
 Total 2599  

Lunches only
Teas only
Happy Hours only
Different one each month (rotating)
All three every month

Add any comments here:

What about having two "options" each month... (perhaps a happy hour and a tea or a happy hour and a lunch... or two teas... depending on what sounds good)?

Does a vote for all mean you'd like to have one of each event each month? -kk