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I will put questions from time to time here. If you happen to know the answer, pls feel free to write below. (I will summarize the solutions.)

ifstream fp,, while (!fp.eof()) {fp>>v1>>v2;}
always read the last item twice

ah, that sux.

i wanted the code of this protocol "An Efficient N-to-1 Multipath Routing Protocol in Wireless Sensor Networks"?

if anybody implemented protocol "An Efficient N-to-1 Multipath Routing Protocol in Wireless Sensor Networks" send the code to this email id:

egCLIx Thanks for the news! Just was thinking about it! By the way Happy New Year to all of you:D

RkQTle Great, thanks for sharing this article.Much thanks again.


how to install glomosim in windows xp? asked by ??
check here from Google

Good articles online for using USB (e.g., flash card reader, USB pen driver) on Linux.
link 1, link 2 and a very nice live CD/USB pendrive Linux distribution at here. ~david()

How to change the starting shell to be bash on
Use the chsh command to change your shell to /usr/local/bin/bash. Just type "chsh" at your command prompt on gaia. This will change your shell on all the CoC UNIX systems – Solaris, Linux, and Irix. Note that although "/bin/bash" is the result when you type "which bash", the actual path for bash should be "/usr/local/bin/bash", otherwise, you will never succeed.

Currently, when I use VNC viewer to connect a linux machine in CoC, only a grey backgroud and an xterm is shown, how can I get the full display of the linux desktop?
change the last line of /.vnc/xstartup to: gnome-session &

How to open an external link in a new window?
This is not supported by AniAniWeb code, but you can do it in HTML. So <a href="" target="_new">Yahoo</a> will do what you want. ~Je77

I created a page by a mistake. How do I delete it?
You can't delete a page, but you can rename it, thereby virtually deleting it. So, the next time you want to create a new page, just link to that existing page and then change the name of that page. Alternatively, you can delete the content and the title of the page and delete the link to the page and it will be virtually gone. ~Je77

Use Chinese under WinXP;
control panel/regional and language setting: In "Language for nonUnicode programs" of the "Advanced" tab, choose "Chinese(PRC)".

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