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ns2 learning log
my ns2 status
ns manual

ns2 mailing list archive
nam site search
My digest of the ns 2 mailing list

A very good NS2 resource collection
Currently focusing on
Another very good NS2 resource collection

NS home
Important Patch for MANET simulation (included in ns-2.27)
ns2 2.27 with GCC 3.4
"I download the patch from .
Then I put it at the same DIR of ns-allinone-2.27,
  1. patch -p0 ns227-gcc34.patch
  2. cd ns-allinone-2.27;
  3. ./install
Discussion is here

Monarch Project

The following two mobility generator might be references. (At least the first contains some bugs in my usage experience)
USC mobility project
Mobility Generator

Trace Graph
Trace Graph

4. The implementation of "connect" and "attach-agent" command;
5. And are there any strict requirement about the matching of both side when using the above two commands;
6. How to simulation the sleep/wake process of a mobile node?

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